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Yournhsneedsyou Com. Watch this incredible list of celebrity supporters on this important and moving video! We need to act now to prevent our nhs being destroyed.

Tiz 💙 FBNHS YourNHSNeedsYou 💙's tweet "This Saturday from

Free read more tweet transcripts for #yournhsneedsyou. Stopping the health and care bill is an immediate goal of our campaign. We have just launched a national campaign to stop the government’s health bill and renationalise the.

One Side Is Saying That This Bill Is To Tackle Obesity In Uk Cutting Salt And Sugar.

It’s called your nhs needs you! 7.the culture secretary has had the room next door treatment from comedian michael spicer after her painfully awkward bbc interview went viral. For media enquiries and offers of support, please get in touch using the form.

By The Dispatch Of The Current Bill, The Nhs Will Be Supplanted By The Benefit Acquiring Private Area.

I bumped into #yournhsneedsyou on twitter. 1983 margaret thatcher (conservative) introduces competitive tendering to outsource ancillary services including cleaning, porters and kitchens to private. Under this, all of the advantages will directly go into the pockets of private prosperity providers.

That’s Why We’re Also Calling For Full Renationalisation. get more influencer lists for #yournhsneedsyou. Free analytics and transcripts for #yournhsneedsyou. Under this, every one of the benefits will straightforwardly go into the pockets of private […]

We Are Launching An Appeal To Raise Money To Support Our Incredible Workforce.

1948 clement attlee (labour) sets up the national health service, a publicly financed, publicly provided healthcare system for all, including optician and dental care. Research over decades shows that privatised healthcare is a lot more expensive than public healthcare, while producing far worse outcomes for patients. Take our 5 actions now #yournhsneedsyou

We Need To Act Now To Prevent Our Nhs Being Destroyed.

October 30 at 5:08 am ·. News just in mps will vote in just 18 days time! By the dispatch of the current bill, the nhs will be superseded by the advantage of getting private regions.

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