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Value List Pet Simulator X. Mcyberyt · 1/22/2022 in general. Official values for discord trading servers.


7.petsimx value list wiki | fandom. Pets are a feature of pet simulator x. Pet simulator x value list 2022 | official gem values.

20.Value List Pet Simulator X.

10.list of pets (pet simulator x) view source history talk (9) the dog is one of the starting pets. View mobile site follow on ig newsletter join fan lab. Welcome to the official pet simulator x value list.

They Collect Coins And Stay Nearby!

Official values for discord trading servers. Welcome to the petsimx value list wiki! Alphagg's was inaccurate for mythics for the longest time, idk about now but yeah.

Alphagg Pet Sim X Value List!!

We update this value list daily with new gem prices. Stacked dominus rainbow 2.38b 1.25m : Normal value > 15k gold > 50k rainbow > 150k.

We Enter A Value For The Market Price That Meets The Standard For Gems Obtained.

Right now, the most popular (and thus valuable) mythical pet in pet simulator x is the angelus, which fetches a price of around 120,000,000 in its rainbow variant. Discover the most updated pet simulator x value list by start selecting a pet that you want to see the value of in gems, for example otter. The pog dog is currently valued at 153,818,313 gems in pet simulator x.

Spawn World Egg Pets Cost Cracked Egg:

According to the information the pet simulator x’s worth list is broken down into three categories, namely 5 billion gems, 25, billion gems fifty billion gems, and. When comparing the amount of gems the most important pets can be found in huge cat with one million gems. Normal value > 10k gold > 35k rainbow > 100k.

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