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Meta Travelers Nft. 1 of metatravelers features 7777 avatars of the nibiru guild minted on the ethereum blockchain. Nibiru owners, owning a total supply of 7,777 tokens.

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The details about the person who founded the nft is not disclosed to the general public. Total mint count of 300. Based on personal experiences and incorporating elements of surrealism, they provide a fantastical lens to view the world around us.

17 Metaverse Travel Agency (M.t.a.) Nfts Were Sold In The Last 7 Days.

The wearable avatars are minted to generate income on somnium space, decentraland, etc. 23.the two guilds are scheduled to begin in 2022 with the next edition of meta travelers nft. In the case of an nft, it describes the nft’s fundamental features, such as its name, description, and anything else its author deems significant.

The Total Sales Volume For Metatravelers:

If you manage to get into the private sale, each nft will cost 0.1 eth. In many situations, the metadata of an nft also includes connections to the photographs and other “main” digital assets that give the nft its value. Come look | 13,095 members

Based On Personal Experiences And Incorporating Elements Of Surrealism, They Provide A Fantastical Lens To View The World Around Us.

As the first known guild to unlock the power of the genesis stone, nibiru travelers portal hop across the metagalaxy while uncovering secrets of ancient civilizations, precious artifacts, and new realms. Nibiru owners, owning a total supply of 7,777 tokens. These nft's also act as an access key to unlock future events, discord channels and gamified experiences in the metaverse.

These 7,777 Avatars Released At Launch Are All.

The fully doxxed team behind the project has huge experience in tech startups and already raised more than $450k in the seed phase with a valuation of $5,000,000. Metadata is information about other data; Learn by holding an arab meta, you will have access to online courses, real life conferences, attend online and real life.

Reportedly, The Public Sale Will Follow On The 29Th January At 3Pm Utc.

1 of metatravelers features 7777 avatars of the nibiru guild minted. The average price of one metatravelers: Each nft unlocks access to the metatravelers universe, including downloadable 3d files and a network of technologies interwoven with the.

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