Is Master Chief A Robot

Is Master Chief A Robot. The master chief is one of the most visible symbols of the halo series. Pda view full version :

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From an early age, he was recognized as the physical ideal for a soldier. Watch popular content from the following creators: John is his name, while his last name is not known.

Under The Umbrella Of The Unsc Navy, His Rank Is Master Chief Petty Officer, And His Area Of Expertise Is Command And Assault.

This answer is not useful. @thehalochannel(@thehalochannel), robot chicken(@adultswim_fan), look 4da humor(@freshdubs3), funnylandpark(@funnylandpark), funnylandpark(@funnylandpark). His name is john (no last name is ever given).

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973k members in the halo community. Master chief, spartan 117, is human. From an early age, he was recognized as the physical ideal for a soldier.

The Speed Of Chief's Mjolnir Armor Is Not The Only Thing That Might Surprise You About It.

I know cheif saves human race but was he needs robot upgrade? The ancient humans that went to war with both the forerunners and the flood. While master chief is in his armor, he weighs one thousand pounds.

It’s Just Another Suit Of Mjolnir Underneath.

Is master chief a robot? Master chief a is an autonomous robot built to seek and destroy another autonomous robot. This can make even the most ardent of halo fans question how he could ever move at such high speeds as 60 mph.

He Was A Citizen Of The Colonies That Was Kidnapped At Age 6, And Taken To Train For The Military (In Secret).

Spartan 117, also known as the master chief is an individual. Sometimes the humans win, sometimes the robots win, but they keep going back in time and changing it even more. Show activity on this post.

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