Bad Grandma Nft

Bad Grandma Nft. My bad grandma is a collection of 10,000 nfts on imx riding dirty in a lime green lamborghini that we are giving away. Everyone needs a grandma in their life, so pick one for you!


Use my invite link below to join: 26.(a bad grandma nft owner from the philippines won the lamborghini after the nft collection was sold out.) interesting fact: Join the discord link to find out more!

28.This Grandma Nft Joins 10,000 Indiscriminately Delivered Collectibles That Are Furthermore Picked By The Amazing Grandsons Who Love Their Grandma.

Use my invite link below to join: New immutable x projects ! Ownership of the nft is mediated entirely by the smart contract and the ethereum network:

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Nft collection about grandmas doing grandma things. On imx platform = no gas. My bad grandma is a new, 100% genuine nft collection that will be hosted on the immutable x trading platform.

My Bad Grandma Is A Collection Of 10,000 Nfts On Imx Riding Dirty In A Lime Green Lamborghini That We Are Giving Away.

Everyone needs a grandma in their life, so pick one for you! Launching on imx eth + no gas fees 10,000 token supply 48 hours after sell out. One (1) grand prize winner (the “winner”) sponsor:

The Platform Is Called Immutable X.

They are awful, and i hate them. A limited nft collection where your badboy doubles as a vip pass to metaverse parties. First 2000 whitelist spots available.

Get In On The Whitelist Early And Guarantee Yourself A Spot With Just 3 Server Invites! to find nft projects early, how to find nft, how to discover nft, how to find. We will be announcing more stuff soon. This experience begins immediately after the bad grandma nft minting is complete, and ends 48 hours later (the “entry period”).

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