2021 GPTW Survey Comments


2021 Great Place To Work Survey Comments

Praise from The Benton House Family


Is there anything unique or unusual about this company that makes it a great
place to work? Please give specific examples.

  • We are family!
  • This company listens and takes all things into consideration. I have never been with a company that shows so much love and compassion for what they believe is in the best interest of the company without prejudice. We are truly Family!!!!
  • I like the fact that everyone seems like a family. From the owners, to care staff there is no feeling of being superior to one another and everyone is treated as equal human beings.
  • The executive management team is constantly looking for ways to reward and thank employees for the work that is performed. We have a program called moments of joy that has a large monthly budget that allows us to purchase items that residents want or need. It could be as simple as something like a bird feeder outside a window or a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant for the resident and their family to share a special experience.
  • We are family. You can grow here, personally and professionally.
  • Very close relationships with all team members serving the residents. The company offers unique training
    opportunities to all team members to help improve personal/professional growth. Example: Success Principles Training offered to all staff.
  • Very good safety and training practices in place, especially through a pandemic. Feel like Family.
  • The owners and home office employees care about the employees. All of them. They know them by name and want and try to do anything they can to help them. At work and personally. They fully understand that a successful business has happy employees. Happy employees care about their jobs and do well, which in turn creates profit. They do what they say they will do- always.
  • The company recognizes my work
  • This company always encourages and give employees an opportunity to grow. The best company I ever worked for.
  • How the company show they care about employees during good and bad times. When employees go through personal hardships the company send out care packages and assist in other ways .
  • I’ve been a CNA for 5 years and this was easily the best company I ever worked for. You could tell upper management genuinely cared about their employees and wanted their company to thrive from the inside out. I’ve never met department heads that were so involved in the day to day of the residents or lower employees lives.
  • We genuinely care about each other. On my birthday management sent me happy birthday messages and every employee I saw wished me a happy birthday. I’ve been working since I was 16 and no other work place has every done that. It made me feel very appreciated.
  • Power bill; monthly rewards; gem program; unique training; flexible work schedules; tools for great communication; electronic documentation
  • Amazing incentives for all staff! Car giveaway, power bill giveaway, special bonus opportunities!! Management listens to everyone regardless of title!
  • I love how they are always giving back to the staff whether it be something big like a KIA Soul! or as small as a $5 “100th Day” Celebration Gift Card. The added perks really do help boost morale.
    I love that we do the Moments of Joy for residents. It truly does allow our residents to feel extra special. I think it really lets them know we love them and constantly thinking of ways to make them happy.
  • This is the most giving company I have ever worked for. I think ownership would give the shirt off their back to help a resident of staff member. It’s a rare quality.
  • I see a lot of team work. Didn’t see that at some of the jobs I had even though it was recommended..
  • The management is humane. Respectful and kind especially sharonda and Kerri. They are like mothers with listening ears.
  • I love what I do I go above and beyond on my job number matter where I’m needed that I’m willing to work my hours just love working at this place
  • My residents
  • They have sweepstakes sometimes to win prizes which I think is good.
  • The employees, the bond we make. Really makes every shift easy and enjoyable.
  • I would have to say that the appreciation the residents always express towards us makes this place a great place to
  • Good co.worker. friendly people
  • I just like working here and co workers are nice
  • Great environment to work in.
  • The employees are getting along. And the CNA/ R.A. are working hard people. Kudos to all CNA that works really hard and give their 110% service for the residents.
  • The Executive Team is very approachable. They care about us and looks for ways to make us feel appreciated. They are the most loving, caring team of executives I have had the pleasure to work with. I love my job and appreciate all that they do for us.
  • When dealing with personal issues or circumstances beyond my control in my personal life, management has always had a clear line of communication and worked with me to get things covered and sorted in a timely fashion.
  • I love working here. The staff here are so nice. This is my first time working for an Assisted living facility, it’s different in a good way! They appreciate their Employees & shows it! Great company to work for!
  • The employee appreciation each month
  • Over all a Great place to work!
  • From the moment you walk in for an interview, as a possible hire, you are welcomed by all the people that work here. Or, if your visiting, as well.
  • Overall, I think this is a great company to work for.
  • This company will search for employees internally if a position opens before going outside of the company to hire
    someone new.
  • Management is very supportive of its staff
  • The executive team’s honest commitment and dedication to serving our seniors and appreciating our employee
    working at the communities. In this industry, it is not a product we build, but a service we provide, which is
    demonstrated in decisions our executive team and management make every day. The extra gifts they give to residents through moments of joy, the support they give to families. The innovative ways they help support and appreciate our operational employees. Too many to give examples. It just makes me so proud to be behind them! I love this company and them!!
  • Amazing guest speakers at annual meetings!
  • We must treat others with respect. This is across the company. You can disagree, coach and terminate but it still must be done with respect.
  • How much everyone cares and the family environment
  • There is a lot of heart in all the community’s teams and in the Home Office management team too! I love the Benton House seniors and what a gift it has been to serve these families.
  • Very family oriented felt welcomed my first day on the floor
  • All the giveaway the have for their employees like the car giveaway gift cards
  • I think we have the most kind and compassionate upper management staff you could ask for. They are supportive and create a working environment that is fun and rewarding. They seem to promote staff from within when they can. I can’t imagine a better place to work. They have given away 4 cars in the last two years. They seem to truly care about the employees
  • Big company that still has that Mom and Pop feel. Ideas are encouraged and considered and growth from within is
    highly promoted.
  • Manager\Staff.
  • Very Family Oriented Environment
  • Quarterly raise, staffs incentives..
  • Caring for one another
  • Pleasant environment
  • Takes care of employees
  • Quarterly bonuses for hourly employees and giving away two brand new cars is life changing!
  • Working at my job is great become of my co workers awesome team.
  • Its a great place to work
  • Benton House of Raymore Is An Awesome Place To Work So Much So That I’ve Taken A $10 Paycut Just To Work There. I Mean What Other Company You Know That Gives Out Supplemental Bags i.e food, household supplies fun things for the kids every Friday for every employee I think that says a lot plus they got Snoop Dogg To Shout Out To Us My Kids Thought That Was The Koolest Thing Ever….Benton House Rocks!!!!
  • The wonderful residents and the free food bags on Fridays.
  • This company really cares for its residents and staff.
  • Don’t compromise on doing right thing.
  • Great team work and management are very polite and show great leadership
  • Great coworkers and good team work.
  • Have learned a lot from the residents and they are fun to work with.
  • We all get along well together
  • Pleasant working environment
  • Great 👍👍 place to work
  • Jennifer makes it easy to talk to regardless of the situation. She tries to make everyone feel equal no matter the
    seniority level.
  • Team work
  • Love working here and great team to work with, wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Truly feels like family. No matter the job title, each and every person is loved, treated equally and like family.
  • Family like atmosphere not found in many other companies.
  • We are family!!
  • Yes people are recognized as far as being apart of a family and people are respected
  • The Management team plus the residents are all great they all make you feel like family
  • The Management treat everyone with respect and dignity . They listen to complain and concerns
    Benton House is a great place to work and The residents are get the best care and treated with respect
    The management always provides enough equipment to get the job done and acquire the prime goals of the care
    I would always recommend Benton House to resident and caregiver
  • I feel like we’re family
  • Free meals
    Clean and modern décor
    Car giveaways every year
  • Company does more as far moral boosting than others
  • The leaders and staff go above and beyond. We are family.
  • Everyone is so grounded
  • The respect to all and appreciation shown for the work each individual does as well as the benefits provided by the
    company make it a great place to work.
  • I love the friendly atmosphere here at Benton House, we are a team in everything we do! We are family!!
  • Very respectable and professional management.
    Plus it is good-to help the elders because one day you might be among them and also God blessing .
  • Being a new employee here @Benton House I’ve had such a positive, welcoming experience, everyone is willing to help when they see a puzzled expression! They come to your rescue!!!!
  • Our specific community leader identifies with all the staff as she has performed their duties herself. Our leader doesn’t hesitate to assist both residents, Staff. And family.
  • They are a reliable and responsible company that makes it clear that the well-being of their residents and staff is of the highest priority. I always feel supported and guided in all circumstances.
  • Executive director has the greatest personality and is a pleasure to work for. Overall a great team.
  • This is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had! I leave every day feeling fulfilled & like I make a difference. The home office is supportive in all they do for the communities.
  • TrueType care about the residents
  • Great place to work!
  • Never have I ever worked for a company when the Home office walks in the building you feel like a part of your long lost Family members have come to visit, and that is how it feels when Mike and Sandy come in the building. Love and respect no stress!
  • Very caring and supportive owners.
  • I enjoy working here due to the exceptional quality care that is given to our residents here. Myself included, work very hard daily to give each person here happiness in their days.
  • Always providing opportunities for growth and development even during a pandemic.
  • Residents are able to enjoy their time while living here.
  • Compassion, respect, and understanding.
    Open and honest communication
  • The residents.
  • We are like a family.
  • Jackie is a great supervisor and always willing to listen to do what makes things fair. I love my residents here they are the best. Co workers are nice to work with.
  • The people and my staff
  • working as team and I have work with some good team player
  • monthly little incentives
  • I like the working hours, there is no gossip between employees and I feel safe working here.
  • Truly feels like a family here with most employees.
  • Nothing unusual, just happy coworkers and happy residents.
  • The decorations for each holiday are unique.
  • Corporate office is always helpful and supportive. No problem is too small for them to lend a hand/advice/support.
    Very generous to their employees with appreciation gifts given often
  • It always looks welcoming!
  • Upper management is always available and open for me
  • Loving people, smiles everyday, and lots of joy
  • I wouldn’t change a thing
  • ED, RCD, and CSD are always willing to listen and help if you have a problem whether it is work or personal.
  • Everyone is happy, and the management is great.
  • I think it’s a great place to work I would recommend anyone to work here. They have a lot of activity for the residents and the staff.
  • we have issues just like any other places but i have been here since 2015 and i love it here i like how the first check in December we get our sick time on our check i love how we get t-shirts and different thing with the garden house on it I like how when we have special events we get the opportunity to interact with our residents i love being part of the garden house family
  • It feels like coming to my second home. I live my residents and I enjoy all the people I work with.
  • Executives make you feel important and appreciated. They reward you all the time make you feel special.
  • Working as a teamwork
  • Friendly community, loving and caring.
  • They have events that brings the hole company together.
  • I work with some of the most accepting and friendly people I’ve ever met.
  • Positive environment also bring greeted and encouraged.
  • keep on doing what we do best.
  • One thing that stands out for me is that it is very diverse here! And I love that!!
  • Team members and managers are very nice , and everyone is willing to help .
  • Opportunity for growth
  • Excellent job doing the coronavirus for staff/family members. I love it. Giving out food to help the staff.
  • The awesome “love” gifts that we were given during this COVID pandemic.
  • My supervisor is great and i have a true teacher and mentor in Chef Kae
  • For this building specifically, it would be the management. Our ED here is phenomenal! She definitely goes above &
    beyond for her staff.
  • This company tries to make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed and with everything this is happening right now I get that they are trying
  • Hollie over at Decatur makes the job enjoyable
  • Hollie is the perfect ED. I learn so much from her and I’m glad to work for her. All other managers are awesome at
    Bentonhouse Decatur. We are like family and I love it.
  • I really like it here
  • I feel like we offer and expect the best service to seniors without compromising. Management gives opportunities for personal growth as well as tips for a more efficient workday. Our reputation makes employees proud to work here.
  • I have loved working for this company and the love I have working with seniors was unknown until I started working with Benton House, which I will always be thankful for. The family like atmosphere at each community and feeling like you know our home office seems special and unlike other companies. It is mostly true that I feel like more than just an employee.
  • PSLG seem to care about their employees.. they go that extra mile to make them feel appreciated.
  • Small building
  • It is a very caring company.
  • Teamwork is EXCELLENT here!!
  • They are caring feel like home when you walk in
  • This company is the only place that I’ve worked for whom selects a superstar employee, and gives out gems for
  • When I was out sick they always called yo check on me and let me know if there was anything I needed they would
    help me. I’m always asked if I’m ok throughout the day whenever passing by management and they always say thank you and that they appreciated our hard work and always always have perks for us we are loved and appreciated
  • Working with an incredible staff!
  • I love Benton house the staff is so understanding and encouraging.
  • This job is my family away from home my coworkers and managers treat me well
  • We are a family. In my experience that’s pretty rare, unique and unusual.
  • Loving Executive Director
  • Love to work at bentonhouse it a good place to work
  • The company does well to take care of its employees, especially during national issues.
  • I tell everyone I know that I love working for benton house. The reason I love working for benton house is because we are all treated like family. I love all of management they are amazing. The bentons house cares for us and not many company’s do what the benton house does. Benton house is always showing how happy the arenwith or hard work and dedication.
  • muy buen abiente, mucha cooperacion
  • It’s a place you can serve people and make their last days as happy, comfortable and full of joy.
  • This company is the best I have ever worked for.
  • Team members and management genuinely care about one another.
  • The way employees are allowed to switch swifts and pickup extras hours through humanity is great! Our Assistant CEO Stephanie is exceptionally kind understanding and goes out of her way to help everyone as a person not an employee!
  • We are family and we care each other.
  • Excellent training by staff.
  • Flexibility.
  • They care a lot
  • Very welcoming
  • They truly do make the employees feel like we are a family.
  • Great atmosphere
  • They care!
  • flexible schedule
  • The benefits
  • Paid meal and break times. Sick time not used is paid out at the end of the year.
  • Family environment – love how upper managers know caregivers names. Makes everyone feel important
  • Everyone is given a fair opportunity.
  • Its a very beautiful place comfortable and safe.
  • I feel like everyday I come to work I’m coming to see my family. It’s not just work, it’s something I enjoy and love to do!
  • Feels like one big family !!
  • None that I know of it’s a great place to work I’ve always had the opportunity to get whatever I need whenever I want I can’t complain
  • It truly is a family environment. It feels like a mission not just a job and those feelings are a direct result of the
    leadership of our communities. Especially during these unprecedented times, I feel secure in the judgement and
    leadership of our company. While the “extras” of staff pantry staples, and Hero bonuses, and countless other ways
    each employee’s contribution is recognized, the laser focus on our mission and the ways in which to accomplish that mission is what makes our company truly unique.
  • We are all treated as a family.
  • The unique part about working for this company is that I get to bring joy to the residents and make them smile. It also includes having a great team and coworkers who are good-spirited.
  • When I 1st came here everyone was very nice and welcoming.
  • I absolutely love my job in memory care, my coworkers make my day easy and fun. We love out residents and we love taking care of them.
  • I do love that fact that they always reward or provide their employees with certain items, like gift cards, snack bags, food, etc. That’s actually very thoughtful of the company to do that.
  • Everyone is welcoming
  • This place is very pleasant to work, the value of this place is high in providing and confronting any necessity.
  • Mas unidad
  • Great staffs and coworkers
  • The schedule
  • Working as a TEAM makes it a Great place to work.
  • People are allowed to work independently and get the job done. Team work also plays a role.
  • I love the opportunities for growth! I am hoping that I will be able to grow and learn and move up within the company.
  • It’s nice that Benton House looks to hire from within before looking for other candidates.
  • The residents are great
  • Employee care
  • I love the size more one on one care for them residents
  • Atmosphere and residents
  • I enjoy being around the residents
  • When you come to work here you feel like you want to come back again.
  • I love the enthusiasm that my coworkers bring in. You can tell the residents are loved.
  • I love that this company supports dressing up and having fun activities to celebrate and cheer the residents and family members up. I love that this company does big things to celebrate and help support their staff.
  • The amazing support and direction I get from my leadership team.
  • I love the residents and the community feels like home
  • Management, supervisor, residents.
  • This company truly cares about it’s employees. They constantly shows their applications to the employees, it’s not
    about what they can keep for themselves. All my years of working in this field, I have never seen an employer give
    away cars to its employees. This really makes me want to go above and beyond for this company because I know that they care a great deal for the people that make or break their business. Don’t ever change. You will continue to do well.😘😘
  • The managerial team are very approachable
  • Like the work environment as it is no change necessary it’s a great place to work
  • yes you can always speak to management when there is a problem..
  • Be team player and understand Each other most off all work together
  • Their love and care is everything
  • Good Employees relation
  • care givers do there work with passion.
  • Teamwork Whatever position, everyone rolls up our sleeve and running around when necessary.
  • Yes they value their employees
  • We operate as a family. That’s pretty unique.
  • team work
  • I Enjoy working with the people around me and the people I work with
  • The environment and the elderly I work with. Being with them gives me great joy.
  • Quarterly increases, monthly recognition, give away cars, executive council for frontline employees
  • I have been on leave since March for medical reasons. I have truly felt the love of my co workers and all of
    management at Grayson division!!!
  • This Company treats their employees has their family. They always find different ways to show their team members
    that appreciated.
  • We. Are. Family
  • Everyone here is like family. We care about out staff and residents! Upper management makes a difference. They care about there employees.
  • Family is always first.
  • This is a great place to work if you love working with the elderly you will love it!
  • The family mentality
  • I love Benton house so much this is an amazing place to work!
  • I personally love taking care of other people, and being able to do so on a daily basis makes Benton House a great place to work.
  • Great starting wage, friendly staff, and great environment.
  • It’s always good vibes and everyone speaks when you come in to work
  • I have been employed for 5 years and attended on more years
  • The staff as a whole and the residents make the company unique, for the time I have been here I really enjoy working here very great place to work.
  • This is by far one of the BEST assisted living/ memory cares I have worked at. This is like family to me. Everyone is
    caring and goes above and beyond
  • The residents make this a great place to work. Taking care of their needs and the appreciation they show makes this job the best.
  • Everyone is always smiling and knows each others names. Communication is great and even during quarantine
    everyone still manage to have fun and do fun things. We still decorate and do costumes for themed weeks.
    Everyone is encouraged to participate, so getting to work in a silly hat is fun.
  • Something unique about the company that I like is the residents.
  • I appreciate the way the company assisted and continue to assist the employees during the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • We always tell each other great job, or we appreciate you .
  • Raises every 90 days and no stress and often gifts given and gift cards.
  • Love the residents.
  • In a time when many companies are closing their doors, our company is rising above and even more dedicated to our staff and families being served. They show up on the front lines and give encouragement to press on.
  • Been here for 3 years, like any job it has it ups and down but overall the environment at any job is what you make it
    and so far it’s a great environment.
  • Staff cares for all residents like they are family!
  • It’s a great place to work
  • Yes, I love the fact that we are often treated like family. especially from corporate they really show that they care, and that we are appreciated. This is exactly why have stayed so long.
  • Amazing management and an employee meeting at the beginning of most shifts that always end on a positive note.
  • Fun activities and theme weeks we do with residents and employees!
  • Corporate office is very generous with gifts, supplements snacks, quarterly raises. A good company to work for. They
    seem to care about others
  • There is usually some from of incentive to encourage workers to better themselves.
  • I have been here 9 years, I have been many opportunities to grow in my career. i was trained to do sales, I am currently studying to get me administrators license
  • The love for my residents.
  • Works with the person individually
  • Awesome teamwork
  • I have met my best friend. I love my residents and families. And the memory care coordinator is amazing.
  • A company of true integrity. We practice what we preach!
  • Because I have worked at other facilities, I realize that Benton House is different.
  • I have been there 10 years. So I would say it’s a good place to work.
  • most employees are approachable and the residents make the job great.
  • Yes I Just Love Working For This Company, I Have So Much Growth Here, The RSD Her Are So Helpful When You Have
    Problems, This Is Amazing Place To Work.
  • Clean and beautiful environment
  • I do like all the complimentary gifts those are nice and unique unlike any other place I have worked!
  • I’m comfortable here I enjoy all the people. I was never treated as someone who didn’t know anything I’m constantly encouraged to learn
  • The staff and residents are great people
  • From what I can tell and see the employees are important and taken care of.
  • I like that they give away t-shirts or hoodies every once in a while.
  • I have never worked anywhere that has rewarded their employees as much as this company. I love coming to work
    everyday because I love each resident as if they were my family (which they truly are).
  • It’s more than a work place, everybody is like family.
  • The moral of this company is remarkable! I enjoy the “family oriented “ environment each time that I work!
  • The Residents are a joy to work with and to take care of. I’ve noticed that everyone at our facility, make it a priority to make our residents out top priority. In making sure they are treated with respect and dignity. Their safety is also our main focus as well.
  • I love the way this company thinks about the welfare of its workers
  • We care for each other as if we were family cause we spend as much time here as we are at home and I love that it is family oriented here
  • Our executives are examples of what this company is all about – kindness, respect and caring.
  • Have multiple opportunities to learn more
  • Care about employees
  • Something that’s is unique is how at the end of the day we are all a team and all apart of a family no matter what
    happens throughout the day.
  • We are family. This is the realest team I have ever worked for. We work together to care for our residents. We believe in quality care. We are family. Not just coworkers and not just caregivers, we care.
  • Great people and residents
  • Christina and Arlene are the best people to come about in this building. They bend over backwards for absolutely
    everyone here and will make anything happen that they can.
  • Servant philosophy in sales is genuine. Home office people are wonderful
  • Very professional management team. clean environment up-to-date kitchen coworkers and staff have good working relationship
  • We truly are family and look out for each other
  • The company cares about their residents and does what they can to keep everyone safe and happy. Also very
    appreciative of their employees.
  • It seems like they care for employees. Lunches, clothing, give aways. I am really touched by the video in Disney
  • They are very flexible.
  • Everyone just like family
  • Benefits are great.
  • The residents!
  • I love working with the residents and dedicating my time to them.
  • The residents! I have built rapport with a good bit of them! I have inside jokes with a few of them and crack jokes.
  • Knowing that they admire you makes the job enjoyable.
  • I love my job
  • Everyone works together. We look out for each other and help when needed.
  • It is very clear that this organization loves and cares for all the employees regardless of position. Each qtr. all
    employees receive a small token gift as a thank you for all you do. Each year there is a drawing for a free car.
  • We are family is a true motto that fits the teamwork observed each day
  • Friendly people
  • I like how the employees are often acknowledged . It really is a good way to make them feel worthy and appreciated.
  • There is a sense of a family unit
  • The Residents make it a great place to work. We are the closest relation to “family.”
  • I love the residents
  • This company dont forget your bday or your job anniversary date. Although I believe the recognizing of these
    important dates isn’t the best, its the thought that count!!
  • They’re extremely flexible with the schedule.
  • Very compassionate towards all individuals who work for them
  • This place is like my second home. 🥰🥰
  • The caring and understanding from our corporate executives makes it wonderful to work here. They show how they
    care for all of its employees at all facilities.
  • Fun manager April
  • Everyone I work with seems to love their job!